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A young New Yorker goes to Arizona where he finds freedom to both love and dream.

, , 142m

A free-spirited dreamer hot dude from New York and his tough-guy film impersonating friend take a road trip to Arizona. There his dopey car salesman uncle is getting hitched to a Polish mail-order bride. There the fish-tagging and biplane-building protagonist falls into a tragic love triangle with a pair of wild Southern Gothic belles: a sexy crazy cool Papau New Guineaphile milf and her accordion-playing turtle-fostering suicidal third-wheel of a stepdaughter. The voiceover narration has a mood that’s similar to family-friendly coming-of-age vogue-period dramas, so it’s a bit like a grown-ass Catcher in the Rye. There is something particular I don’t like about Kusturica’s style, a sickly sweet quality I’ve often noticed in Slovakian, Bulgarian, and Fellini flicks, a certain joie de vivre portrayal of life that is whimsical enough to come off as clownish. It wasn’t too much here, but I could do without the manufactured quirkiness of flying fish and cute Eskimos and feigned naivety. Otherwise, this had a strong narrative pull and some decent acting. The best parts drifted moodily like a Wong Kar-Wai. #reviews
Der Gehülfe
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Joseph is hired by an inventor and moves in with his family. Although he doesn't get any salary for his work, he stays on because he believes that the highly dysfunctional family needs to be rescued.

, , 122m

I put this movie on pause because it was late and I had to get to sleep to go to my new side job in the morning. In the film, the employer asks the employee for patience, and the employee is ever so anxious over his non-existent wages. I found it funny as my new employer had just said that I will need months of patience before I start making acceptable wages. So today in the morning, we had a civil discussion and parted ways (I quit). Then I was eager to get home and finish the film, to seek further guidance from poor Joseph the protagonist... #ramblings
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