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A writer loses his beloved, in the hands of another man, wihtout having expressed his feelings to her.

, , 100m

Dormir al sol

Lucio Bordenave carries on the Grey lifestyle of an unemployed worker, dedicated to the trade of watchmaking, until in a somewhat mysterious way, his wife is admitted to a Frenopatic Institute. From this point on, the story enters a territory without parameters where reality is confused with the imaginary, sleep with wakefulness, and insanity with lucidity.

, , 83m
El sueño de los héroes

, , 120m
La guerra del cerdo

A man who is entering old age facing a society in which young people removed the old.

, , 90m

L'invenzione di Morel

A castaway arrives on an island. He thinks it's uninhabited, but he sees a palace with also a hidden room. Soon he sees some people walking, dressed with old-fashioned clothes. He is afraid because people don't see him, like a ghost.

, , 110m


A group of men led by an old man trying to stop an invasion of the city of Aquileia. The invaders are introducing a machinery for a mass invasion, but the invasion is absolute and impossible to define.

, , 123m

L'invention de Morel
, , , , , , , , ,

Escaped from jail, Luis finds refuge on a remote island where, it is said, several people have died long ago of a mysterious illness. He discovers a large abandoned villa. One day, a group of people from another time, come in. The villa and the nature around become the theater of strange phenomena…

, , 95m

A journalist José Luis Villafane travels to a little town. A problem with your car forced him to stay in a hotel, where they share the room with Carlos Oribe, a copycat poet.

, , , 85m

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