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Les perses

Les Perses (The Persians) is a French TV movie adaptation of Aeschylus' oldest known tragedy, Πέρσαι (Persai). It was originally broadcasted in October 31, 1961. The play deals with the aftermath of the Persian defeat in the battle of Salamis (480 BC), which makes it the only Greek tragedy that deals with a real historical event.

, , 68m

Prometheus engages in repeated scenes of bisexuality in this independent feature from the New York underground.

, , 90m

, , , 91m
Promitheas se deftero prosopo

A speculation on power, using the film image to experiment with and explore a combination of elements, such as eastern philosophy, pop culture and music.

, , 75m
I Persiani

An adaptation of the Aeschylus play.

, , 82m
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