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Behind the high walls of the old Indian monastery, some businessmen organized a closed school of the occult sciences. The most capable student, the young man Ariel, who has the ability to levitate, once decides to escape from captivity. But the hunt begins on him

, , , 80m
Ostrov pogibshikh korabley

A husband in an unhappy marriage is transported into alternate reality, after watching a documentary on Bermuda Triangle.

, , , , 138m

People living at a seashore town are frightened by reports of an unknown creature called "the sea devil". Nobody knows what it is, but it's really the son of doctor Salvator. The doctor performed surgery on his son and now young Ichtiander can live under water. This gives him certain advantages, but also creates a lot of problems.

, , , 96m

Zaveshchaniye professora Douelya
, , ,

The film is based on the popular science-fiction novel “Professor Dowell’s Head” by Russian writer Alexander Belyaev. For many years, a prominent scientist had been striving to solve the problem of immortality. He shared the results of his daring and risky experiments with his colleagues. But one day something happened that no one could have foreseen: the professor had disappeared. The best student and follower of Professor Dowell tries to use the results of his scientific research for criminal purposes. It looks like he is going to succeed…

, , 91m

Prodavetz vozdukha
, , , , , ,

In an underground secret facility on a North Pacific Ocean island, Bailey schemes to get rich by creating a shortage of air in the atmosphere.

, , 99m

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