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A found footage film compiled from countless YouTube videos in which the people of Russia make a direct appeal to president Putin. A kaleidoscope of the mood in the country – from submissive pleas to pure rage about injustice and rampant corruption.

, 71m

Animated short based on the story of the same name by Andrei Platonov.

, , 10m

Ivan Veliky
, , ,

, , 99m
Odinokiy golos cheloveka

Nikita, haunted by the civil war, meets Luba, who is as deeply moral and lonely as he is.

, , 87m

Tre fratelli

Three men face their mother's death.

, , 113m


, 78m
Nachalo nevedomogo veka

Three unconnected episodes united by a common theme: the establishment of the Soviet rule in Russia during the civil war of the early 1920s. Depicts dramatic events in simple lives of peasants and soldiers.

, , 73m

, , , , , , , ,

, , , 48m

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