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Modlitba pro Kateřinu Horovitzovou
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A group of wealthy American Jewish businessmen have been captured by the SS and are told that they are to be traded to the American army for several SS officers. However, these hostages are being required to pay bribes for their "transportation costs." In order to ensure that the businessmen will be more cooperative in paying up, a beautiful female singer is placed in their midst as a bargaining chip. The group of hostages are then placed on a train which is supposed to take them to the ship that will deliver them to freedom, but a series of "mishaps" delays their escape.

, , , , 66m


A beautiful, underachieving, 18 year old orphan considers various suitors, ponders philosophy, and takes a young girl under her wing.

, , 98m

Transport z ráje
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Teresienstadt camp where Nazis held prominent Jews during the World War II. Film shows last days of the camp under the Nazis.

, , , 93m


By the end of the second World War, three prisoners wish to escape from the train carrying them from one concentration camp to another. To make it happen, they need to get food first.

, , , 11m

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