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, 105m


Vienna in the beginning of the twentieth century. Cavalry Lieutenant Fritz Lobheimer is about to end his affair with Baroness Eggerdorff when he meets the young Christine, the daughter of an opera violinist. Baron Eggerdorff however soon hears of his past misfortune...

, , 88m

Der junge Medardus
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As Napoleon approaches Vienna in 1809, the Valois claimant to the French throne waits there. Valois' daughter urges a patriotic Austrian student Medarus to assassinate the French emperor.

, , , , 101m

Menos que nada

In Rio Grande do Sul, the newcomer intern Paula sees the schizophrenic Dante Becker and she decides to study his case for her graduation work in the university. She learns that Dante was left in the institution ten years ago and has been abandoned by his family, friends and even the doctors and his files are lost. Her supervisor retrieves the name of Dante's father Gregório and the women Renê Heller and Berenice that had visited him in the past and she interviews them to discover what happened with Dante.

, , 105m
Spiel im Morgengrauen

A young Lieutenant lives a carefree life in the Imperial military. He is involved in a casual love affair with Steffi. Years later gambling debts force him off the rails.

, , 89m

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A New York City doctor embarks on a harrowing, night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery after his wife reveals a painful secret to him.

, , , 159m

Le retour de Casanova

After many years of rambling across Europe the aging Giacomo Casanova is impoverished. He wants to return to Venice but he doesn't dare going there directly, because he was a fugitive when he left.

, , , 93m
Mio caro dottor Gräsler

A Pre-World War I physician in Austria struggles with his decision about which woman he will marry. Miranda Richardson plays the roles of two different women in his life.

, , 105m

La ronde de l'amour

French erotic auteur Gerard Kikoine makes the world his canvas in this sexy roundelay of intimate encounters across the globe. Following a pack of cigarettes that ends up with partner after partner, the film moves from Paris to Rome, Cannes, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and New York, exposing carnal couplings that take place everywhere from a furniture store to an airplane cockpit. Marie-France, Sophie Berger and Josephine Jacqueline Jones co-star.

, , 98m
Silvesternacht - Ein Dialog

Encouraged by Fassbinder, with whom he became friendly after the then-enfant terrible of the German cinema visited him in Lugano, Sirk also did some teaching during the late 1970s at the film school in Munich, where he made three short films with his students.

, , , 18m

An all-knowing interlocutor guides us through a series of affairs in Vienna, 1900. A soldier meets an eager young lady of the evening. Later he has an affair with a young lady, who becomes a maid and does similarly with the young man of the house. The young man seduces a married woman. On and on, spinning on the gay carousel of life.

, , 122m

, , , , , , , , ,

After a frank confession by his wife, a doctor is called to see a dying patient. The cause of the night brings him to meet an old friend, a pianist, who tells him of a mysterious ball where he is due to perform. Based on the book "Traumnovelle" ("Rhapsody: A Dream Novel") by Arthur Schnitzler.

, , 75m

La ronde

In a chain reaction of romantic adventures, various people play musical beds in a remake of Max Ophul's "La Ronde."

, , , 110m

Vienna, 1906. A passionate love story develops between Franz Lobheiner and the young Christine. Lobheiner is, however, currently seeing the married Baroness von Eggersdorf. Upon learning of his wife's infidelity, the Baron von Eggersdorf provokes a duel with Lobheiner. But the former is no longer a real threat to the Baron. Lobheiner is now passionately in love with Christine. How will this love quartet end?

, , , 100m

Vignettes revolving around a circle of interconnected love.

, , , 97m

El ángel desnudo

Bankrupt due to gambling debts, a man sends his beautiful adolescent daughter to ask a sculptor for money. The artist accepts to lend the money - but in exchange for seeing the girl nude.

, , 85m

An Austrian soldier must choose between a wealthy fiancee and a new girl who takes his fancy.

, , 85m
Fräulein Else

A young woman reluctantly decides to compromise her values in order to save her family from bankruptcy and disgrace.

, , , 90m

Der Reigen - Ein Werdegang

Drama about street walker Elena who marries shop keeper Albert. When her former pimp Peter shows up, her life is ruined. She shoots him and poisons herself.

, , , 65m
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