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Życiorys Brunona S. wyciągnięty z szuflady

, , 8m
Republik der Träume

, , 102m
Bilder finden
, , , ,

German filmmaker Benjamin Geissler’s documentary about the search and discovery in Ukraine (and the subsequent unauthorized removal by Israeli Holocaust archivists) of long lost mural frescoes attributed to the Jewish writer and painter Bruno Schulz.

, 106m

, ,

Inside a box full of curio, a puppet who is recently freed from his strings explores a dusty and forlorn commercial area. The explorer becomes ensnared into miniature tailor shop by baby-faced dolls.

, , 20m

Sanatorium pod klepsydra
, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Józef visits his dying father at a remote mental institution, where time itself doesn't seem to exist, and the line between dreams and memories becomes indistinguishable.

, , , 124m

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