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“Burckhardt’s travelogue of Port-au-Prince is a unique city symphony whose pace and rhythm favor tropical island life. He does not focus on voodoo but on Haiti’s daily life, neighbors, jokes, gossip, small dramas, Saturday night dances, and ghost stories,” evoking a place where time seems to stand still.” - Bruce Posner

, 16m

A Parade for three managers and four performers. Sketchy drawings in a neatly arranged palette, involving quotes from the French composer Erik Satie, set to the music of Parade performed by the Dutch Willem Breuker Kollektief.

, 15m

"After GYMNOPEDIES, I had long wanted to animate a film specifically for a pre-selected piano piece by [Erik] Satie. MOONLIGHT SONATA is that film. It was totally designed for the 'Gnossienne V' and the movements of the animation are timed to the overall rhythms as well as the specific beats of the music." - Lawrence Jordan

, 5m

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