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Le rouge et le gris, Ernst Jünger dans la grande guerre

The Red and the Gray is a documentary essay proposing an adaptation of Ernst Jünger's famous war tale, Orages d'acier, from several thousand German-made and mostly unpublished photographs.

, 208m
102 år i hjärtat av Europa

102 Years in the Heart of Europe: A Portrait of Ernst Jünger (Swedish: 102 år i hjärtat av Europa) is a Swedish documentary film from 1998 directed by Jesper Wachtmeister. It consists of an interview by the journalist Björn Cederberg with the German writer, philosopher and war veteran Ernst Jünger (1895-1998). Jünger talks about his life, his authorship, his interests and ideas. The actor Mikael Persbrandt reads passages from some of Jünger's works, such as Storm of Steel, The Worker, On the Marble Cliffs and The Glass Bees.

, 56m

, 88m
Die Ungenierten kommen - What happened to Magdalena Jung?

Christoph Schlingensief puts an end to the misery of "new German film production" and at the same time kicks off a new start without stale romanticism and mysticism.

, 13m
La guerre d'un seul homme
, , , , , ,

Via the New York Times: "...a dialogue between found objects... the remarkably calm, somewhat banal wartime journals of Ernst Junger, a German writer and army officer living in occupied Paris in World War II, and newsreel footage of Paris as it really was."

, 105m

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