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Stakan vody

When a small state is threatened with capture by a much stronger one, only one thing can save it: the emergence of a competitor comparable to the invader. In a graceful and witty play by Scribe, hostilities unfold around a young officer, in whom the modest saleswoman of a jewelry store, the omnipotent Duchess of Marlborough and the Queen of England herself fell in love at the same time.

, , , 136m

Das Glas Wasser

Intrigue and scheming at the court of Queen Anne of England between liberal Lord Bolingbroke and Lady Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough. German comedy after the play of Eugène Scribe.

, , , 81m

L'elisir d'amore

Nemorino is hopelessly in love with Adina but she is attracted to a dashing captain.

, , 90m

, , 85m

A Bonapartist falls for a Royalist.

, , , 97m

Fenella, a poor Italian girl, falls in love with a Spanish nobleman, but their affair triggers a revolution and national catastrophe.

, , , 112m
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