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A Morte do Príncipe

, , 62m

Filme do Desassossego

Lisbon, today. In a room of a house at Douradores Street, a man invents dreams and theorizes about them. The essence of the dreams itself becomes physical, palpable, visible. The text itself materializes in its musicality. And, in front of our eyes, this music can be felt with the ears, brain and heart. It spreads itself in the street where the man lives, in the city that he loves above all and over the entire world.

, , 90m

Como Fernando Pessoa Salvou Portugal

During the 20's, at the request of one of his employers, the poet Fernando Pessoa conceives an advertising slogan for the drink Coca-Louca, which panics the authoritarian government of that time.

, 27m

La gentilezza del tocco

, , 80m
O batuque dos astros

Looking for the mysterious poetry of Fernando Pessoa, his proximity with cinema in the beginning of the XX century, with modernist culture and with his drumming of the Portuguese language.

, 74m

A dreamlike journey seen through the eyes of a trans-human as well as a kino-symphony of voices from the multiple personas of Fernando Pessoa, Lisbon Revisited shows alternative ways of looking at and hearing the city. Celebrating its greatest phantom and confronting his ambiguous and pervasive sexuality, the film is spoken in the three languages in which Pessoa wrote, Portuguese, English and French.

, 66m
O Ano da Morte de Ricardo Reis
, , ,

Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest writers in Portuguese, created an immense parallel world and several heteronyms so as to endure the loneliness of genius. José Saramago, 1998 Nobel Laureate in Literature, has a heteronym, Ricardo Reis, return to Portugal after a 16-year exile in Brazil. 1936 is a perilous year with Mussolini’s fascism, Hitler’s Nazism, Spain’s Civil War and Salazar’s New State in Portugal. And Fernando Pessoa meets his creation, Reis. Two women, Lídia and Marcenda, are Reis’ carnal and impossible passions. “Life and Death as one” allows for literature and cinema.

, , 129m
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