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Romance pro Křídlovku

A lyrical story about first love, death and disappointment, based on a poem of the same title.

, , , 82m

, , , ,

At the turn of the 10th and 11th centuries Boleslav's kingdom fell apart in the fratricidal war between the Přemyslovci and the other clans the main profiteer of this being the German emperor. At that time it seemed as if the Czech state and the lineage of its princes was awaiting its end..." It is with these words that the tale of this film begins, whose narrative is based upon the the play by František Hrubín of the same name.

, , 84m
Okurkový hrdina
, , , , , , , , ,

Revenge and love drives the lives of a group of youngsters in 1962 Czechoslovakia.

, , 100m
Kráska a zvíře

, , , 87m
Zlatá reneta

A man returns to his native village in search of renewed faith and his old girlfriend. But she, now a middleaged woman, does not recognise him and he goes home, more disillusioned than ever.

, , 86m
Srpnová neděle

This lyrical comedy story takes place in two hot days in the small South Bohemian village. On the shore of a small pond, summer guests and local youth meet. As is typical of the works of Hrubín, it is a conflict of youth and age, life and death, represented by the medical student Zuzana and her beloved Jirka.

, , 83m
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