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Chytilová was not allowed to direct films between 1969 and 1976. The sole exception was the made-for-TV film Kamarádi, now virtually unknown.

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Der Fall Ö.
, , , ,

During the Greek summer in the war year of 1944, a German military unit sets up camp on the plateau of Thebes. Armed with a 16 mm camera, the captain of the unit, a former professor for classical Greek philology, comes up with the idea to film the myth of Oedipus.

, , , 95m
Der verlorene Engel
, , , , , , , ,

August 24, 1937: a day in the life of expressionist sculptor/author Ernst Barlach.He lives in the small town of Güstrow, keeping to himself, not interested in politics. This day he learns that his sculptor in the Cathedral is gone.

, , 57m

, , , 85m
Die Suche nach dem wunderbunten Vögelchen

A bird that is the mascot of a children's home is stolen. The children help the police to find it.

, , 66m
Der Schwur des Soldaten Pooley

, , , 70m
Betrogen bis zum jüngsten Tag

In 1941, on the Lithuania-East Prussia frontier, 3 German troops try to conceal that they have killed the daughter of their captain.The officer wants to shoot some Lithuanian women to avenge the murder.

, , , 74m
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