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Galilée ou L'amour de Dieu
, , , , , ,

Before the court of the Inquisition, the scientist Galileo defends his position in favor of Copernicus' thesis that the Earth revolves around the sun.

, , , 95m


Challenged by a new student, tutor and theorist Galileo co-opts emerging telescope technology and discovers irrefutable proof of the heretical notion that the earth is not the center of the universe. But in a rigid society ruled by an uneasy alliance of aristocracy and clergy already undermined by the Plague and the Reformation, science is a threat and enlightenment is a luxury. Faced with either death at the hands of the Inquisition or recantation to a hypocritical but all-powerful Papacy, Galileo must choose between his own life and the restless scientific curiosity that he has spurned family, friends, and wealth to pursue.

, , 145m


A humble scientist from Padua proves that the Earth revolves and that it is not the center of the universe.

, , 105m

Leben des Galilei

Galileo, an eminent professor and scientist in the 17th century Venetian Republic, is short of money. A prospective student tells him about a novel invention, the telescope, that is being sold in Amsterdam.

, 30m

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