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, , , , 150m
Un fil à la patte

Lucette and Edouard: Two lovers passionate about sex, money and life. He is a spoiled but penniless child who wants it all while she is a celebrated figure of la vie parisienne who knows what she wants and what she is worth. Edouard is marrying a young, pretty and rich heiress. He comes to confess this to Lucette and to make their parting official, but he doesn’t want to leave her. He struggles with all his might to hide his betrayal but her opportunities to learn of it are countless and unpredictable.

, , , 79m

Klyuch ot spalni

Love, friendship, jealousy and many other feelings are mixed up in this sweet story set in Russia before World War I.

, , 135m

, , 93m
, , 89m

A fake marriage to collect a large inheritance transforms whoever had invented the fraud into a victim.

, , , 96m

A comedy by Hans Alfredson.

, , 120m

A Frenchwoman (Rosemary Harris), suspecting her lawyer husband (Sir Rex Harrison) of having an affair, plots to catch him in the act.

, , 94m

Monsieur Feydeau has writer's block, and he needs a new play. But he takes an opportunity to observe the upper class of 1900 Paris - Monsieur Boniface with a domineering wife, and the next-door neglectful husband Henri with a beautiful but ignored wife, Marcelle. Henri traces architectural anomalies (most ghost sounds are drains) and plans a night at the Hotel Paradiso, but this hotel is the assignation spot of Marcelle and Boniface. One wife, two husbands, a nephew, and the perky Boniface maid, all at this 'by the hour' hotel and consummation of the affair is, to say the least, severely compromised (not the least by a police raid). All of this is under Feydeau's eye, and his play is the 'success fou' of the next season.

, , 98m
Mi marido y mi novio

When a woman finds out that her husband is being unfaithful to her, she decides to give him a dose of his own medicine, making him jealous with another suitor.

, , , 80m

Le fil à la patte

, , 86m
Occupe-toi d'Amélie..!
, , ,

Once a lowly chambermaid, Amelie Pochet now revels as the pampered mistress of a military man named Etienne.

, , 92m

A husband covers his weekly infidelities with the pretext of hunting. His best friend intends to take advantage of the situation and makes an appointment with the outraged wife in a bachelor flat where the situation is resolved, not without morality being undermined.

, , 85m
L'hôtel du libre échange

There's never a dull moment at the Hôtel du Libre Echange. Deceptions, hitches and other misunderstandings make a few people mingle whereas, for their own sake, they should not. An example among others: an expert who has come to the hotel for professional reasons had better not meet his wife, who is there to cheat on him with his best friend.

, , 95m
On purge bébé

A porcelain-maker invites a guest to sell him chamber pots, but family problems cause interruptions.

, , 46m
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