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De aanslag

A Dutch doctor, haunted by grueling childhood memories of World War II, struggles to find peace as he spends his life looking for answers about the tragic night that shaped him.

, , 155m

, , 60m
Twee vrouwen

When a museum directer, who has long been divorced, takes a young girl as a lover things quickly become more complicated when her ex-husband also engages in a relationship with the girl.

, , , 110m
Hoogste tijd

Old entertainer gets a last chance to play a serious role.

, , 98m

God is disappointed with the human race and wants his stone tablets back. An angel is given the assignment and, with Gabriëls help, tries to manipulate several humans on earth to get his job done. But humans have a will of their own.

, , , 150m

A man explains how he was obsessed when he was younger by a mysterious room and an extraordinary rarefied piano music that drifted through its open window during the night. Forty years later, returning to his home town after having spent most of his life abroad, in "a bunch of different places", he asks one of his friends to rent a room for him. As chance would have it, it turns out to be the same room which attracted him when he was a young man. What drew him again to this room?

, , 10m
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