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La vie de bohème
, ,

Three struggling artists try to make passable livings in Paris despite knock backs and tragedies.

, , , 100m

A group of starving artists try to survive in 1830s Paris, including a seamstress and the would-be playwright she loves.

, , , , 95m

Zauber der Boheme

René and his two artist friends lead a meager but careless life in a Parisian small apartment, their main worry being to avoid the housekeeper. Whenever they get some money they call more friends in and celebrate. This is how he meets beautiful but fragile Denise, who wants to be a singer as himself, and they fall in love. Yet when she finds out her real condition she takes a drastic decision which will determine their fates. La Bohème arias, and more.

, , , 102m

In the early 1960s two artistic giants, conductor Herbert von Karajan and director Franco Zeffirelli, joined forces to create this milestone production of Puccini’s masterpiece at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala. Filmed in that legendary opera house in 1965, with Zeffireli himself directing for the cameras, this “Bohème” has been acclaimed universally for its unique theatrical impact and visual splendour. Starring the young Mirella Freni in her carreer-making performance. – For the first time the full dimension of opera on film.

, , 105m

The story of a struggling playwright in 1850s Paris and his mate whose love furnishes him with the inspiration he has long sought.

, , , 94m
La vie de bohème

All are artists (painters,musicians,poets...) ,all are bound for glory .

, , , 120m
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