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I to će proći
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Wonderful war stories about Isidor Katanic, officer who spent his working life as a calligrapher writing to various documents. Resignation living at home, living with rampant wife and her son from a previous marriage, sloth. Very soon retire and go to the river. On the bank of the Sava river meets an old friend, a former captain in love with the river. Accepting new way of life, isidor becomes a different man. But it comes terrifying wartime.Yugoslavia was occupied, the terror begins. Isidor is witnessed changes and in him growing need to resist the atrocities of the invaders. He refuses to flee with his family from Belgrade, it becomes illegal brave, little hero of invisible front.

, , , 97m

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Gazija are military men who patrol the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire in mid-18th century. One such man has trouble reconciling times of peace with his Gazija standing.

, , 95m
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The adaptation of a lesser known novel by Nobelist Ivo Andric, which describes the life of a spinster who was overwhelmed by a single passion: avarice.

, , 110m
Bife 'Titanik'
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The film tells the story of a man, a loser in life, who is looking for his place in the world. He finds his job only as an Ustasha soldier and earns respect through fear.

, , 61m

Anikina vremena

Based on a story by Nobel Prize-winner Ivo Andrić. When a young man's affair with a married woman ends disastrously he spurns the girl he'd once loved. She reacts to his contempt by becoming the town harlot.

, , , 87m

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