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Laissez Bronzer les Cadavres
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With a heavy haul of 250 kilograms of gold bullion, the grizzled criminal mastermind, Rhino, and his ruthless gang of cutthroats, head to a ramshackle retreat somewhere in the Mediterranean to lay low on a scorching day of July. However, the unexpected and rather unwelcome arrival of the bohemian writer, Bernier, his muse, Luce, along with a pair of no-joke gendarmes further complicates things, as the frail allegiances will soon be put to the test.

, , 90m

A private detective ponders another profession until a mysterious woman hires him to solve her roommate's murder.

, , , 97m
La crime

A well-known business lawyer is shot dead in the courthouse. A commissioner of the Criminal Brigade is in charge of the investigation and is helped by a journalist.

, , 103m
Les maîtres du temps
, , , , ,

Piel, a 7 or 8 year old boy, is alone on the desert planet Perdide, only survivor of an attack by giant hornets. Calling for help, Piel's father's friend Jaffar keeps contact with the kid and hurries across space toward Perdide.

, , , 78m

Le choc

An assassin tries to retire against his bosses' will.

, , , 100m
Pour la peau d'un flic

Victim of manipulation, Cop Choucas is wanted for two murders and searched for by every cop in town.

, , , 105m

3 hommes à abattre

A man is pursued by killers after helping someone at a car crash.

, , , 93m
L'ordinateur des pompes funèbres

Fred works for an insurance company as a computer engineer. He is bored with enduring the trials of his shrewish wife, so, after using actuarial tables to calculate the most common means of death, he cleverly prepares the family bathroom and brings about her demise. For a while he is content with his new freedom, but then he recognizes that a friend is in a similar situation.

, , 84m
Folle à tuer

A young woman, out of a psychiatric clinic, is engaged as a governess of the nephew of a rich industrialist.

, , 97m

After his wife and daughter are raped and killed by a motorbike gang, a man sets out to take revenge.

, , , 101m

Nada, named after a gang of Spanish anarchists, is a small, confused band of French terrorists. They kidnap the American ambassador after one of his regular visits to an exclusive brothel. The gang starts to quarrel amongst themselves as to the diplomat's fate, while the police purge suspects in their attempts to destroy the Nada faction. As the violence escalates on both sides, the States and the terrorists are forced to use one another's methods in an increasingly desperate and relentless conflict.

, , , 133m

Ras le bol

Bert, a young Belgian advertiser, is forced to carry out his military service, a long and painful journey for him. He strongly feels the absence of Jonquille, his fiancée. On the other hand, he clashes with everybody else, whether his superiors like Captain Luxembourg and Commander Stella or the other officer cadets. He has only one friend, Michel, a communist...

, 90m
Une femme aux abois

Carol's marriage is suddenly threatened by the appearance of some pornographic photographs taken 9 years earlier, when she was 19 years old and desperate for money. Eric Colar and his girl friend blackmail Carol into satisfying their various sexual desires and giving them enough money to escape from the police. A confrontation with William Verner, who had been unjustly imprisoned for a crime committed by Eric, puts a violent end to the scheme.

, 75m
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