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, 19m

, 89m
Le jeune Karl Marx

The early years of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Jenny Marx, between Paris, Brussels and London.

, , 118m
God kak zhizn

, , , 104m

In order to understand the works and ideas of Karl Marx, this animation takes an ordinary man through several different periods of history, from the cavemen to the philosophers of the world to better comprehend Marx ideals for the proletarian and why the world is an unfair contradiction of all sorts.

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, , 7m
Karl Marks: Molodye gody

, , 455m
Entre Marx y una mujer desnuda
, , , , , , , ,

An author gets lost between the book he is writing and the reality and a love that does not exist and the ideals of revolution.

, , 92m

Päivä Karl Marxin haudalla

In a world of cold facts, this film speaking in more than 20 languages offers a vision of a world momentarily united and willing to listen to the human voice.

, 30m
Mohr und die Raben von London

London in 1856. Karl Marx is living in exile in the British capital. One day, "Mohr", as Marx is called by his friends, meets the 13-year old worker′s son Joe. The boy works every day for twelve hours in a spinning mill and even has to work night shifts although that violates current rules. Marx tries to end the illegal activities of the spinning mill owner and one night shows up at the mill together with an inspector. But his foray is undermined by a robbery by the rebellious raven gang that is led by Joe′s brother Billy. The spinning mill owner of course takes this chance to blame his young workers for the theft. But Marx is not let astray and does not stop to fight against child labour. Furthermore, he tries to get the members of the raven gang back on the straight and narrow – with success.

, , , 95m
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