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Bungô: Sasayaka na yokubô

Features 6 different short stories set under 2 different themes.

, , 201m
Ihatôbu gensô, Kenji no haru
, , ,

The story of Kenji Miyazawa, the beloved Japanese poet, who also wrote Night on the Galactic Railroad.

, , 55m

Chumon no ooi ryori-ten

A couple of hunters lost in a forest find a restaurant. Upon entering they are greeted by greater and greater requests.

, , , 19m

Ginga-tetsudo no yoru

Two kittens go on a metaphysical journey on a magical railroad train.

, , , 113m

Sero hiki no Gôshu

A cellist in a small orchestra receives help from animals to help him practice his music.

, , 60m

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