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A portrait of Denmark's most acclaimed and controversial director, Lars von Trier. A meeting with von Trier on a private level as well as with his film universe. Filmmaker Stig Björkman follow von Trier during a period of more than two years, meet him at work, at home and at leisure. Written by Fredrik Klasson

, 52m
De ydmygede
, ,

A very intimate look on Lars von Trier and his cast and crew, during the production of "The Idiots".

, 79m
The Idiots

, , 117m
Breaking the Waves
De udstillede

Jesper Jargil's documentary portrait of a bizarre piece of Danish experimental theater directed by Lars von Trier.

, 81m
Von Trier's 100 øjne

A short documentary that explains the process Lars von Trier used to give his film Dancer in the Dark its unusual look.

, 56m
Dancer in the Dark

, 140m
Breaking the Waves

, 45m
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