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Trnová koruna z pampelišek
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, , 41m
Lev s bílou hřívou
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The film tells the exciting life of the great Czech composer Leos Janacek , (1854-1928) , also known by the thick silver hair that crowned his head and his strong character, which could overcome the adversities of fate.

, 127m

Janacek: Intimate Excursions is a short experimental documentary that attempts to find visual references in the correspondence of Leos Janacek, the Czechoslovak composer.

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, , 26m

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Lord Shiva wakes. A convocation of magicians in the guise of figures from mythology; a masquerade party at which Pan is the prize. The wine of Hecate is poured: Pan's cup is poisoned by Shiva. Kali blesses the assembly as a bacchic rite ensues.

, 38m

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