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Produced by the Eastman Kodak Company and shot in a then-experimental process, two-color Kodachrome, Martha Graham's dance "The Flute of Krishna" is performed by students from the Eastman School of Music. It's likely (but unconfirmed) that the film was directed by an uncredited Rouben Mamoulian.

, , , 7m

Night Journey, the dance, had its premiere only two and a half years after Appalachian Spring, and it is a close cousin. It too has a stream-of-consciousness narration: Jocasta, as she is about to kill herself, remembering what has happened to her. It too contains soul-delving solos, broken up by ensemble dances. Here, however, the ensemble is a darker element. As the story was taken from Greek tragedy, so the corps is the equivalent of Greek tragedy’s chorus. They tell us how to feel: afraid mostly. In this piece Graham pushed her habitual economy to its limits.

, 29m
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