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Homo Faber
, , , , , , , , , ,

Walter Faber has survived a crash with an airplane. His next trip is by ship. On board this ship he meets the enchanting Sabeth and they have a passionate love affair. Together they travel to her home in Greece, but the rational Faber doesn't know what fate has in mind for him for past doings.

, , , 117m

Adapted from the Max Frisch novel "Der Mensch erscheint im Holozän". It tells the story of an old man, isolated from the outside world in a little mountain village in Ticino, Switzerland, who fights against oblivion. From books that he has there he cuts out texts and images about geology and geological history to fix and arrange them on the walls of his cottage. Frisch adds these articles to his novel to assemble human history with individual decay.

, , , 91m

Wilhelm Tell

, , 100m

A man narrates his liaisons with three women. We only see what he sees: he remains off-screen and there are no dialogues, just his post-synchronised voice.

, 89m

SOS Gletscherpilot

, 100m
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