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Foucault contre lui meme

In both his private and public life, Foucault often contradicted himself, especially when his ideas collided with the institutions where he worked. Contemporary critics and philosophers reframe their legacy in an effort to build new ways of thinking about his struggle against the mechanisms of domination within society, demonstrating how the conflict lies at the heart of his life and work.

, 52m

La vie des hommes infâmes

In the XVIIth century, the imaginary and meticulous account of the life and fall of Mathurin Milan, a man whose folly has always been to hide from his family, to lead an obscure life in the country, to have lawsuits, to lend at usury and at a loss, to wander his poor mind in unknown roads and to believe himself capable of the greatest jobs.

, 83m
, 6m

, 41m
, ,

In the second half of the 18th century, Jeremy Bentham designed the model of a panopticon, a type of building that made supervision most effective. Panopticons were firstly used for prisons, places where supervision and punishment are the main functions. Secret services but also different surveillance technologies are the new panopticons. They can monitor, save and store data about people to identify them, to distinguish the location and time of people’s behaviour and actions. Architecture theorist, software expert, people who are or were monitored, or the former secret service agents explain their panoptical experience. Reading again Michel Foucault´s Discipline and Punish, through experience with different kinds of supervision, in the film we are looking for the perfect application of the panoptical principle.

, , 42m
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