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A look at the life and work of Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and his impact on Japanese culture.

, 85m

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Araki: The Killing of a Japanese Photographer is a story about a psychotic man who tries to defend the honor of his deceased sister. He sees himself as the Avenger, who fights the rotten core of society. The rotten core is the sex industry, which also caused the death of his sister. The Avenger has singled out an extremist, the Japanese artist Araki as the main culprit. On his crusade against Araki, the Avenger kills innocent people, among others, his sister's daughter. When he finally faces supreme evil in the shape of Araki, his flaming hatred is gone, and he realizes that Araki just took pictures of naked girls.

, 7m
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, 26m
Photo: A History from behind the Lens
, ,
, , 312m

This faux-documentary follows a butoh master, a fashion designer, and a filmmaker racing against time to create art and help a young girl in love.

, 110m
Near Equal Moriyama Daidou

A documentary that follows the life of photographer Daido Moriyama in the present, which has never been revealed before. Even though his charismatic presence has reigned over the world of photography since the late 60’s, his true persona had been hidden behind a veil of mystery, since he had refused any major appearances in front of any media in the past. Follow the charismatic photographer Daido Moriyama as he takes his first digital photos and observe his style of quick snapshots without looking in the finder. His stark and contrasting black and white images symbolize his fervent lifestyle.

, 84m
Contacts, Vol. 2: The Revival of Contemporary Photography

, 14m
, , 429m
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