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Die Legende vom Nil - Auf den Spuren von Paul Klee in Ägypten

The Swiss painter Paul Klee (1879-1940), who believed his ancestors came from North Africa, traveled to Egypt in 1928. He visited Tunesia in 1914, together with August Macke. The light and colors there influenced him a lot. German documentary filmmaker Rüdiger Sünner travels through Egypt with Klee's diary in his luggage. This film essay shows Klee's paintings, sepia toned filmed sequences of early 1990s Egypt, and tells of old Egyptian myths (Osiris and his adventures in the underworld) from the Book of the Dead, stories that deeply inspired Paul Klee.

, 61m

Die Tunisreise

Retracing the trip to Tunisia that painter Paul Klee took in 1914, Tunisian filmmaker and painter Nacer Khemir leads viewers on a journey of discovery into Arabian culture.

, 76m
Perception et l'expérience imaginative
, , , , , , , , ,

, , 27m

To profitiko pouli ton thlipseon tou Paul Klee

A film by Kostas Sfikas.

, 65m

, 52m
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