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Klossowski, peintre-exorciste

A rare short film presented as a game of mirrors doubling and refracting what Klossowski’s plastic work shows in strange, ambiguous staging and disturbing evocations.

, 24m
La vocation suspendue

Divergent factions within the Catholic Church are plagued by internal ideological quarrels.

, , 90m

, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Roberte, 40, resistant during the war, Calvinist and anticlerical, is deputy to the chamber and inspector of Censorship. She married Octave, an old Catholic aesthete, professor of canon law, whom she saves from impeachment for collaboration during the war. He submits his wife to a perverse custom: the laws of hospitality or prostitution of the wife by the husband.

, , , 104m

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