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Finding Rudolf Steiner is a visually entrancing journey into the occult philosophy of clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner set against a background of modern moral and social decay. This film has been selected for the 2006 Calgary International Film Festival. The film presents fragments of interviews with leading international experts on Steiner's spiritual vision in counterpoint to archival footage and riveting visuals from the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Detroit. Steiner died in 1925 and was one of the most profound and original thinkers of the twentieth century, known as much for his clairvoyant explorations into the true nature of man as he was for the creation of Waldorf Education and biodynamic farming. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, materialism, and the threat of a growing international [...]

, 87m
, ,

The latest installment in the monumental Drawing Restraint series, which merges sculpture, athleticism and cryptic symbolism into a stunning meditation on art-making and physical exertion.

, 32m
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