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Akuma no temari-uta

Kôsuke Kindaichi, a somewhat peculiar private detective, visits a remote town. He meets a police detective and they start to investigate an old unsolved murder. Then some murders happen. Kindaichi must find out about the past in order to reveal who the murderer is.

, , 144m

Ningyô Sashichi torimonochô: Yôen roku shibijin

Famed detective Dandy Sashichi tries to solve who's behind the serial murders of six beautiful women under the aegis of local showman Ibaragiya. The film opens with the sextet humiliating a respected painter's portraits of them, driving the man to a sus­picious suicide. Later, while celebrating his son's impending marriage into a wealthy family, Ibaragiya releases six pigeons from a pleasure boat, each with a rolled up drawing of one of the beauties tied to their legs. He offers a cash reward to whomever recovers the pictures, but they instead become death notices of which of the six are next to die.

, , 75m

Inugami-ke no ichizoku

When a tycoon passes away, he unexpectedly leaves the family fortune to outsider Tamayo on the condition that she marries one of the grandsons, pitting blood against blood.

, , , 146m


A scruffy detective investigates the murders of three sisters on a small Japanese island in 1946.

, , 141m


The heir to a family fortune discovers that a curse has been placed on it, put there centuries before by a band of samurai warriors.

, , , 151m

Kindaichi Kosuke no boken

Kosuke Kindaichi is the most famous detective in Japan. Kindaichi gets a new case to figure out who has beheaded a valuable statue and made off with its head.

, , 113m


About and ex-hippies memories of the death of John Lennon and the strange encounter with the murder mystery of a woman turning schizophrenic of grief.

, , , 131m

Honjin satsujin jiken

When a woman and her bridegroom are found dead in a double suicide the day after their wedding, it is up to the detective (Akira Nakao) to figure out what could possibly have motivated them. Carefully and systematically, he pieces together the inner lives of the two.

, , , 109m
, ,

Private detective Kindaichi investigates a series of murders in scenic rural Japan.

, , , 139m
Byoinzaka no kubikukuri no ie

Kosuke visits a photo studio to take photo for his passport. There he happens to meet a daughter who came to request a wedding anniversary photo shoot.

, , , 138m
Akuma ga kitarite fue o fuku

Famous detective Kindaichi investigates a series of mysterious murders revolving around a wealthy family.

, , 136m


A band of samurai warriors places a curse on a family fortune thus frustrating the heir 4 centuries later.

, , 126m
Inugami-ke no ichizoku

A web of deceit, adultery and greed manifests in Kon Ichikawa's remake of his own 1976 hit about a murder investigation that reveals years of hidden skeletons and a shocking family secret.

, , , 134m
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