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713 prosit posadku

Transatlantic flight 713 is in trouble because the pilot and crew are poisoned while flying above the ocean. Now the passengers have to take control to save their lives.

, 78m


The movie is set during the last days of a foreign intervention against Soviet Russia. Police are searching everywhere for a Bolshevik named Brodsky but cannot find him. Meanwhile, a man named Michel Voronov serves as a teacher to a rich woman's son, Zhen'ka.

, , 127m

Vysotskiy. Spasibo, chto zhivoy

Russian poet, singer and actor Vladimir Vysotsky was an idol of the 1970s and '80s. In 1980, at the age of 42, he passed away during the Moscow Olympic Games. This is the story of his last great love as handed down to his son from a family friend. Written by nitorch.

, , 128m
Mesto vstrechi izmenit nelzya

Summer of 1945. The salute of the Great Victory died down and the country is gradually returning to peaceful life. From "fire yes into the fire" a young reconnaissance commander Volodya Sharapov falls, having come to the MUR for distribution, to the department for combating banditry. In the city the Black Cat gang rages, terrifying Muscovites. Captain Gleb Zheglov enters the fray with the bandits, for whom Sharapov soon becomes his right hand.

, , 359m

Malenkie tragedii

A feature film based on the three-part adaptation of the poetic and dramatic cycle of Alexander Pushkin

, , , 240m

Skaz pro to, kak tsar Pyotr arapa zhenil

Loosely based on Peter the Great's Negro, Alexander Pushkin's unfinished novel based on his own great-grandfather, a black African brought to Russia.

, , , , 95m

Kolya Kasatkin, who saw in his wife Tanyusha the ideal of female charm, tenderness, kindness, who loved her to the point of oblivion, was at a loss before the idle conversations of well-wishers about his wife's betrayal. Having found his wife with the choir director, Nikolai demanded a divorce. Continuing to love each other, the former spouses are unhappy in separation. Kasatkin's new hasty marriage did not return his peace of mind. In daily agony, in the pursuit of a past life, he also lost his old dream — to live and work in the Far East, where he served in the army. Both realized too late that love does not forgive hasty decisions, that it must be able to keep and protect.

, 96m

Ök ketten

A young woman, married to a volatile alcoholic, has a competing claim on her affections from an older woman who tries to protect her and her daughter.

, 100m

Partisans attack a column of hundred german trucks cisterns, that carry fuel to the front. However, their action is difficult, as Germans have chained Soviet prisoners to the driving wheels. The mission is to stop and destroy the column and save the lives of the prisoners.

, 97m
Begstvo mistera Mak-Kinli

A man decides to escape into the future by the way of hibernation. When he wakes up, feeling lucky that the experiment worked out well, the staff of the hibernation company politely walks him to the outside were he finds a post atomic war desert… He wakes up! Thank God it was just a dream! Or was it?

, , 162m


Borders guard are trying to catch a group of smugglers using the cruise ship to move a contraband.

, 88m
Plokhoy khoroshiy chelovek

Dramatic story about two young men, two intellectuals of the 1890th. It is a story about a complex human character. Being tortured by ignorance and boredom of life, clerk Laevsky is longing to break the depraved circle of his existence. His moral antipode, naturalist Von Coren is sure that people like Laevsky are worth being destroyed. But regardless characters' will and desires, providence deals with their lives in its own way...

, , 98m


American journalist gets a sensational material but is afraid to publish it...

, 71m

Opasnye gastroli

In Odessa, 1910, a group of revolution activists is hiding as a musical theater troupe.

, , 87m
Belyy vzryv

1942, the German Wehrmacht is trying to capture the Baku oilfields at the Black sea. Their biggest obstacle are the Caucasian Mountains and few Russians soldiers to stop them. The story revolves around an important Mountain Pass, that is heavily contested by both sides.

, , 75m
Sluzhili dva tovarishcha

Two soldiers become best friends during the Civil War in Russia in the 1920's.

, , , 99m

Khozyain taygi

After the robbery of a store, detective Snezhkin suspects one of the drafters working at a saw mill. It starts a mental duel between two strong personalities.

, 83m

Korotkie vstrechi

Country girl Nadia moves to the city and becomes a maid in Valya's apartment. Valya, who is a member of the local District Committee, does not know that Nadia fell in love with her currently absent husband, a geologist named Maksim, when he had visited Nadia's village during a recent expedition.

, , 96m

Ya rodom iz detstva

In a half-ruined town of Belorussia, life is returning to normal in 1945. The children are undernourished and emotionally scarred. The community displays solidarity and common sacrifice, as they recovered from the ravages of war.

, 105m


A group of alpinists make a perilous journey up a mountain.

, , , 73m

Nash dom

A story of a four sons of a big Ivanov family who are trying to start their own independent life.

, 99m


In one of the Kuban collective farms a new cook appeared. Many began to look after her, but the girl was not a timid and quickly repulsed hapless suitors.

, 71m

A crafty swindler, appointed as the coach of an amateur sports team, came up with a cheat plan for victory - secretly recruit to his team a various of professional players.

, 92m

, , 80m
Karyera Dimy Gorina
, , , , , , ,

Dmitry Gorin is awaiting the post of branch manager of a savings bank. But one day he accidentally gives an extra amount to a person who works in the taiga on the construction of the Siberia-Ural power transmission line. To return the money, Dmitry has to go to the taiga. But he is not in a hurry to return to Moscow. The fact is that he discovers a completely different life, which he likes, and meets the girl he dreamed of

, , 94m


Story about three young girls and their dreams and plans for the future.

, 84m
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