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A young man, hoping to write a novel, visits a French guest-house with a friend, he but finds himself distracted by a strange mystery and the stranger inhabitants of the home.

, , 103m


Two intellectuals, a writer and a director, begin to play a mysterious psychological game in a peaceful countryside manor house during the Nazi occupation.

, , , 117m

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Gombrowicz or seduction rebuilds, from the margins of the official film, the figure of Witold Gombrowicz. Peripheral par excellence, at the end of the 30's the renowned author of Ferdydurke and transatlantic came to stop the Argentina and stayed here for thirty years. Inevitably fragmentary, given the personality on the run of the own Gombrowicz (and the own Fischerman, In short)

, , 110m

Witlod Gombrowicz: voorvallen, avonturen
, ,

An actor pretends to be a writer. He sits in his office, reflects and puts words to paper, which are then performed by Jan Decorte. The text influences the situations shown and vice versa [Avila].

, 50m
Die Sonne angreifen

, , 83m

A young writer in 1939 Warsaw faces the conflict of acting his age or relapsing into childhood during the brink of World War II.

, , 90m
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