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While guiding us through her retrospective exhibition “Zaha Hadid Has Arrived”, the renowned architect recalls her career from its beginning, discussing her education, inspiration and technique. The exhibition, located at The MAK in Vienna, features a new sculpture from Hadid entitled “Ice Storm” that serves as the centerpiece of the show and captures her sleek signature. From her famed Bergisel Ski Jump to Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Hadid’s architectural resume shines in its diversity and exploration. A Day with Zaha Hadid reviews Hadid’s work of the last decade and celebrates her perpetually modern and daring designs.

, 58m
Oko nad Prahou
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, 78m
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By the end of the 1980's a new architectural sensibility challenged the prevailing post-Modern attitude and brought forth new and daring designs. Driven by the philosophy and theory of Jacques Derrida, the architects of Deconstructivism are rooted in a movement that urges us to examine the space we move through. Deconstructivist Architects documents explosive and seemingly chaotic structures from Vienna to L.A., and interviews those who pursue its aesthetic issues. Filmed on location with the architects and at the Museum of Modern Art's exhibition Deconstructivist Architecture, which was curated by Philip Johnson.

, 58m
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